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After Adventure Chores – Washing Your Car

July 22nd, 2011 | Posted by JustinW in Uncategorized

muddy vehicle

As we all know, those weekend adventures can be fun but often leave your vehicle grimy and soiled.  Whether its kayaks on your roof or bikes mounted on the trunk, you’re bound to have your car washed by the time you get back home.  Many consider it a chore but a necessary one to keep your vehicle looking its best.  Fasttrackracks.com wants to give all the weekend warriors out there proper car washing tips when you come back form those adventures.



car wash supplies


  • Car Wash Soap – Dish soap will remove your car’s wax and often damage rubber components
  • Sheepskin Wash Mitt – Throw out that foam sponge, the flat surface traps dirt and scratches the paint
  • Soap Bucket and Rinse Bucket
  • Drying Chamois
  • Shady Area


Pre-Treat Trouble Spots

Prep your car’s extra dirty spots by applying some concentrated car wash soap.

Wash the Wheels

This is often the dirtiest part of the car.  Spray down the wheels with a hose.  You can use special wheel cleaner here to help remove the any debris and brake dust.  Don’t use the same wash mitt of the rest of the car so you don’t end up scratching the paint.  Try to find and old mitt or sponge for the wheels and maybe an old toothbrush for those tight areas.  Rinse thoroughly and see how much better you car looks!

Initial RinseRinse

Spray your car with the hose from the roof to down.  Make sure you are in a shady area to decrease the likelihood of water spots.

The Wash

Fill your buckets up, one with soapy water and one to rinse out your mitt.  You want to periodically rinse the dirt out of your mitt so you don’t rub in the grim and scratch your paint.  Start scrubbing your car from the top down with light pressure.  Again, you don’t want to scratch the dirt into your paint.  Take your time and get all the small crevices.  Periodically wet your car with the hose to prevent water spots from forming.

Final Rinse

With the hose, rinse all the soap off your car.  Again start from the top down and use plenty of water to ensure your car is clean and ready to dry.


Work quickly to prevent water spots.  Try to dry the windows first, as they are the most visible area for water spots. Don’t forget to open the doors and truck to wipe out those hidden areas that can drip water and leave spots.

Now your vehicle should look spotless and ready for your next weekend adventure.



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