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Car Roof Racks – What’s your roof style?

October 21st, 2011 | Posted by JustinW in Product Selection

So you’ve decided that your vehicle just doesn’t have enough room and you need a roof rack.  Car roof racks are a great option for hauling more gear and carrying accessories like bikes, kayaks, skis, snowboard, and anything that will fit in a roof box.  When looking for a car roof rack for your vehicle, there are many things to consider.  The first thing you’ll need to find out is the style of roof on your vehicle.

This step is crucial to getting a proper fit for you car roof rack.  Generally, there are 4 main styles of vehicle roofs that can accommodate car roof racks; Factory Crossbars, Raised Rails, Smooth Roof with Rain Gutters, and Smooth Roof without Rain Gutters.  Each style of roof has a rack system specifically designed to carry the various rack accessories.

Factory Crossbars

Your vehicle may already have crossbars install won’t there won’t be any need to purchase a car roof rack system.  Crossbars come in several shapes and sizes, however, factory crossbars are usually oval (to reduce wind noise).  Make sure to purchase compatible accessories with your roof rack system.

Raised Rails

Some vehicles are equipped with side rails that run the length of the roof.  Rails can either be raised (gap between rail and roof) or flush with the roof.

Smooth Roof with Rain Gutters

car roof rack rain gutter

3 Sizes for Rain Gutters

This style of roof requires mounts that attach to directly to the rain gutter.  Rain gutters are found on the edge of the roof and provide a surface for a car roof rack to mount on.

Smooth Roof without Rain Gutters

This is the more common style of roofs found on vehicles.  These car roof racks attach with custom fit hooks that grab on to the outside edge of the roof.

No matter what kind of roof you have, you can use our integrated car roof rack finder to select the perfect rack system for your vehicle.  Visit FastTrackRacks.com for great prices on car roof racks.

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