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Biking to Work

July 1st, 2011 | Posted by JustinW in Recreation Tips

Here at fasttrackracks.com we are always promoting the best ways to enjoy your favorite recreational activities.  But “recreational activities” doesn’t mean you can’t have fun on the job too.  In fact work and recreation are often linked.

Bike to workBiking to work is a great way to maintain a healthy lifestyle while helping the environment and saving some gas money.  Many cities are bolstering infrastructure to support the biking lifestyle.  A recent study released by the University of Massachusetts shows that bicycle project spending creates jobs and supports the economy.  In this study, on average, every $1 million spent on cycling related infrastructure projects creates 9 jobs within the state.  If you add interstate employment through the supply chain, you get another 3 jobs per $1 million spent.


So here are some basic tips on commuting to work:

  1. Gear up!  Any bike will do.  You don’t need the most expensive bike on the market.  Make sure you are comfortable with the equipment you have and take it to a shop for a quick tune-up.
  2. Plan Ahead.  This includes scoping out your route before hand.  You should also plan on packing work clothes and showering at a local gym (or perhaps your office has a shower).
  3. Carry spare tools.  Murphy’s Law is especially important here.  Make sure you have a spare tube, patch kit, pump, and tools to make a quick tire repair.  You don’t want to be stuck waking.
  4. Play it safe.  Follow traffic rules and wear the proper protective equipment.  Watch out for dangerous traffic and have a light for nighttime cycling.
  5. Have Fun!  Commuting on bike shouldn’t be stressful.  That’s what work is for.  Enjoy your ride!


thule roof bike rackAnd if you are just too far from work to make the commute, fasttrackracks.com has many bike rack options for your car so you can still enjoy cycling on during a lunch break and your days off.  Remember, cycling benefits your health, the environment and even the economy.  So give cycling a shot, whether it’s commuting to work or taking a bike rack to your city’s newly paved trail, you’ll love it.

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